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Vina Prelac

Vina Prelac

Dolinja vas 19, Momjan
52460 Buje, Hrvatska

Prelac Wines

In the far northwest part of the Istrian Peninsula, along the border with the Slovenian part of Istria, lies the medieval town of Momjan. In this beautiful region with a turbulent past, the population has been involved in winemaking and olive growing since ancient times. The hallmark of Momjan is Muškat Momjanski, which is the 18th Croatian wine with a protected designation of origin in the EU. Prelac Winery is one of the five wineries producing Muškat Momjanski.

Wine has been produced in the Prelac family for over a hundred years, but its more recent history began in 1996 when Rino Prelac opened a small wine cellar, and the wines were primarily sold in the family tavern located next to the cellar. Today, Prelac Winery cultivates 11 hectares of vineyards planted on white soil in the surroundings of Momjan, and alongside Rino, the business is managed by his son Denis. 

They offer around ten wine labels on the market, with the flagship wines being fresh Istrian Malvasia and aged Refošk, which has won numerous awards. They also produce two versions of Muscat: fresh and "Gregorio," made as a passito. In addition to the excellent tavern, which has been among the best in Istria for many years, they also have rooms named after wines: Istrian Malvasia, Muškat Momjanski, and Refošk.