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Monte Rosso

Monte Rosso

Crveni vrh 38
52475 Savudrija, Hrvatska
091 279 9002

Monte Rosso is an estate in the village of Crveni Vrh, Savudrija

With a very special story that started in 2006. The size of the property is 60 hectares. From the estate you have beautiful various views starting from neatly planted agricultural crops on mild slopes, which in certain positions there is a view of the sea, to the Slovenian and Italian shores. We cultivate 14,000 olives, over 50,000 grape vines of Malvazija; Montepulciano and some other sorts, 2,000 cherry trees, 600 almonds, 650 fig trees and other cultures in smaller quantities.

We produce sparkling wines made classic methode and fresh and aged red and white wines and from extra virgin olive oils we point out - the blend ""Premium"" obtained from six olive varieties and ""Grand Selection,"" blend of Istrian white varieties and Leccino made from olives from very early harvest with very high phenolic content. For our wines and olive oils we received recognition and awards on many international competitions. All our product you can try at our Shop on the Estate at Crveni Vrh.