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Presentation of aged Teran

A total of 19 winemakers, 33 Terans

VINTAGE by Vinistra - the presentation of aged Terans is an event with a focus on the promotion of the indigenous Teran variety and demonstration of its versatility. It represents the knowledge and effort of Istrian winemakers and gives professionals and a limited number of audience members the opportunity to taste these interesting wines.

The event is closed, for the business audience, and is held at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. It consists of two parts:

  • Masterclass - Specially designed menu by chef Ana Grgić Tomić and sommelier Emil Perdec
  • Presentation - Winemakers present their Terans to the public in the form of a fair

In 2022, a total of 19 winemakers, 33 Terans were presented, with the youngest from 2019 and the oldest from 2006. Some of them are multiple champions and medal winners. All of the well-known wineries are participating - Kabola, Franković and Kozlović from the area of Buje and Momjan, Cattunar from Brtonigla, Dešković from Kostanjica, Benvenuti wines, Bertoša, Fakin, Tomaz and Valenta from Motovun and Kaldir, Deklić, Franc Arman, Gerženić, Pilato, Sosich Wines and Vorić from Vižinada, Poletti and Brčić from Višnjan, Dobravac from Rovinj.

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VINTAGE by Vinistra 2022

The potential of the teran variety

“While being the most challenging red variety in Croatia, Teran is a wild stallion that Istrians decided to saddle", said Luka Rossi, president of Vinistra.

In the 19th century, when there were more than 34 thousand hectares of vineyards in Istria, which is more than today's areas in the entire Croatia, Teran was the most represented variety with a share of more than 80 percent. “In comparison, today only ten percent of vineyard areas are planted with it, while Istrian Malvasia accounts for 60 percent," said Professor Bubola.

“This is a big event, not only because Teran was promoted today in Zagreb, in the capital that certainly has the greatest potential for the promotion and consumption of such top products, but also because it is the first event at such a high level since the dispute with Slovenia when we officially got the possibility to use the name Teran. I am extremely proud of Vinistra for deciding to take such a step forward and for presenting the aged Teran in the most beautiful way possible", said Ezio Pinzan, the head of the Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management of the Istria County.