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About us

The association of vinegrowers and winemakers of Istria “Vinistra” has been operating since 1994 with the main goal of improving and developing viticulture and winemaking in Istria. Today, it consists of more than 120 members from the area of Istria and Kvarner, since in August 2020 the Assembly of the Association adopted amendments to the statute, and the area of activity of the Association expanded to the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

The members of the Association are engaged in growing grapes, making wine and grape products, production of planting material, selection, research and other types of viticulture and winemaking, with their permanent place of residence or headquarters being in the area of Istria County and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Activities of the association

The activities of the association focus on many tasks, such as:

  • creating the reputation of Istrian and Kvarner wines as quality and natural products
  • expanding the market through organization and joint participation at exhibitions, fairs and in other types of activities
  • support for research, selection and reproduction of quality materials
  • providing professional assistance and other types of assistance to members
  • nurturing and reviving traditional customs and festivals related to viticulture and winemaking
  • cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, as well as other similar associations in the country and abroad
  • preparation of strategic documents of the Association in the field of viticulture and winemaking
  • encouraging and protecting the common interests of members before public authorities, regional and local governments and the general public
  • participation in proposing and creating regulations, projects and plans for activities of interest to the Association
  • cooperation with competent institutions, lobbying, participation in the drafting of regulations and measures, informing members and providing support in the segment of withdrawing funds from the EU and national funds
  • engaging experts to ensure professional and scientific assistance

The Strategy for the Development of Istrian Wine and Viticulture until 2030 (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy) was adopted in 2018, making Istria the first wine region in Croatia to make such a step forward.

The strategy has two strategic directions: increasing demand and moderately increasing supply.

The implementation of strategic guidelines is foreseen through 4 strategic steps

Professional and structured marketing management

Development of wine experiences and stronger use of the tourism benefits

Reorganization of the management system

Product improvement (viticulture and winemaking)

The bodies of the Association are:

Assembly of the Association

Supervisory Board of the Association

President of the Association

Luka Rossi

Director of the Association

Ivan Marić

The employees of the assocation are:

Marketing Manager

Sanja Brnobić

Event Manager

Julija Pletenac

Project Manager

Maria-Paola Brgić


A natural person possessing full legal capacity or a legal person who is engaged in the growing of grapes, making wine and grape products, production of planting material, selection, research and other types of improvement of viticulture and winemaking, and whose permanent place of residence or headquarters is in the area of Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Today, the association has 120 members, among whom are multiple award-winning winemakers, as well as winemakers who have just started wine production. The association supports the participation of its members at domestic and foreign wine shows and fairs, organizes education and workshops, and helps promote the products of its members.