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Valenta Family Wines

Valenta Family Wines

Kaldir 9 A
52424 Motovun, Hrvatska

Valter and Sons

Kaldir is a small village near Motovun, and within it, just a hundred meters apart, three wineries thrive, one of them being Valenta Winery. This winery is the immediate neighbor of Benvenuti Winery, with Bertoša Winery located a bit further away. 

The Valenta family has been involved in amateur viticulture for generations, but in 2017, they decided to take a leap forward. That year, Valter Valenta, together with his sons Stiven and Ivica, decided to elevate their family hobby to a higher level, giving birth to one of the youngest Istrian wineries today. Valter Valenta is not an unfamiliar figure in the wine world, as he worked for many years in sales at the largest Istrian winery, Agrolaguna, while his sons are still engaged in other professions. Valenta wines are present in the market with five wine labels, quickly embraced by consumers, and they currently cultivate 15 hectares of vineyards, all located in the vicinity of Motovun on white soil. 

The backbone of their assortment naturally consists of indigenous grape varieties such as Malvasia Istriana and Teran, which achieve excellent results in the Motovun area, as well as white Muscat and Sauvignon Blanc, a variety increasingly favored by Istrian winemakers. Valenta Winery also plans to soon construct a boutique wine cellar with all the accompanying amenities.