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Turistička 1
52440 Poreč, Hrvatska

Vina MonteIstra

The Istrian wine scene began to develop in the early 1990s. Slowly at first, but each year a new winemaker with good wines emerged, and this was confirmed with the launch of the wine exhibition Vinistra in 1994 in Poreč, where all the best wines from Istria could be tasted in one place.

One of the leaders of this new surge in the Istrian wine scene was the then prefect, Ivan Nino Jakovčić. Nino and a few other people in the Istrian political scene had a vision of turning Istria into the best wine and olive region in Croatia, and with the help of diligent olive growers and winemakers, they succeeded. Today, at the end of his political career, Nino cannot retire but has decided to engage in agriculture. Thus, he is now a successful producer of autochthonous garlic and wine. In 2023, he publicly presented his wines for the first time at Vinistra, and numerous wine lovers curiously visited his booth. He buys grapes for his wines from trusted producers from the best locations and has hired a very good winemaker.

On the market, he is present under the label "Wine Museum" with three wine labels: Istrian Malvasia 365 because he claims it must be drunk 365 days a year. He named the sparkling wine "24" because it can be drunk 0-24, and the muscat. Nino bought an old and neglected building of an agricultural cooperative in the small village of Završje between Grožnjan and Oprtalj, and he intends to build a wine museum dedicated to his late father.