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Pilato wines

Pilato wines

Lašići 2
52447 Vižinada, Hrvatska

Our story is similar to most stories in Istria

Our great-grandfather Ivan planted the first, modest vineyard with only a few rows in 1934 near Lašići, a small village not far from Poreč, where the family still resides and produces wine.

Besides the winegrowing, our forefathers were also active in the arable crop production, however, our grandfather Končeto decided in the 1960s to expand the vineyards and focus only on wine production, as it was the product that sold the most.

His son Eliđo carried on the production, expanded and modernized the wine cellar and in 1994 filled the first bottle of wine.

Today, the whole family is committed to the family business and, like the ones before them, they are carrying it on with dedication.

Despite the fact that winemaking has modernized over time and differs greatly from what our great-grandfathers knew, the goal and the guiding principle have remained the same – to produce top quality products while protecting nature and the soil as much as possible, never forgetting the tradition that our whole history rests on.

At present, the family cultivates wine on 15 hectares of land.

All our vineyards are situated at more than 250 meters above sea level on terra rossa

They are located near Kaštelir and Vižinada, no more than 2 kilometers from the cellar, making it possible for us to quickly transport the grapes to the cellar and process them in the shortest time possible, which is the key factor in ensuring the optimal fermentation process and the quality of the final product.

Since 2018, in order to preserve nature and the soil in which our vines grow as much as possible, we use only organic fertilizers in our vineyards. In addition, since 2022, we have also been using other organic preparations for the protection of vines and grapes, thus creating the conditions for the complete transition to organic production.