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Deklić wines

Deklić wines

Ferenci 47
52447 Vižinada, Hrvatska

Our family lineage - Deklić wines are the result of an almost one-hundredyear tradition cherished by the Deklić family in their vineyards 

The grapevine has always been our life and the legacy that we take care of and preserve for generations to come. 

Our wines come from the area of Vizinada, part of the Istrian peninsula, which has always been a wine-growing district, with an excellent climate, afertile red soil and a pleasant altitude which is of great importance for the wine. Our vineyards’ locations allow vines to absorb the sun heat throughout the day, which greatly affects the excellence of the product. The combination of terroir and effort we invest brings you the wines characterized by their minerality, freshness, durability,