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Matić vina

Matić vina

Baškoti 4
52463 Višnjan, Hrvatska


The Matić family winery from the small village of Baškoti in the municipality of Višnjan preserves the tradition of winemaking and viticulture for over a hundred years, when great-grandfather Grgo planted the first vineyards and olive trees. Subsequent generations maintained the estate, and the recent history begins in the 1990s when the estate was taken over by Milenko and elevated to a higher level. Today, the fifth generation of winemakers in the family, led by his son Erik, a trained oenologist who studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, is also growing alongside him.

The Matić family currently cultivates about fifteen hectares of vineyards and plans to expand the vineyards and the wine cellar in the near future. The vineyards are planted in deep red soil and are located in a specific micro-location in the triangle of Kaštelir - Višnjan - Vižinada, where many other prominent winemakers also have their vineyards. The Matić winery pays special attention to Istrian Malvasia, which is their most represented variety in the vineyard. Among other varieties, they have Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Muscat Rosa. They are present on the market with twelve wine labels, and part of the wine is sold as bulk wine.

Their wines have already won numerous domestic and international awards, especially for Istrian Malvasia in both fresh and aged versions. They are particularly proud of the aged Istrian Malvasia "Afrodita" from the 2019 vintage, which was awarded a gold medal at one of the world's strongest competitions, Decanter 2022. Among other labels, notable mentions include the sparkling wine "Apollo," rosé "Eros," and the black cuvée "Dioniz."