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Marčeta wines

Marčeta wines

Valbandon Pineta 1 ogranak 1
52212 Fažana, Hrvatska

The family farm of the Marčeta family is located in the south of Istria, near Pula, in the small town of Valbandon across from the Brijuni islands

The tradition of agricultural production, viticulture and wine production dates back to 1923. when our ancestors moved to this area and started farming.

Wine production started significantly in the 80-90s of the last century. Vine cultivation and wine production are progressing thanks to all members of our family. The vineyards are located 800 meters from the sea with a view of the Brijuni Islands. On 5-6 hectares of vineyards, Malvasia Istriana and some black varieties predominate, grapes also arrive in the cellar from our subcontractors, which we have all over Istria.

The specificity of grape production is that our vineyards are irrigated, which guarantees that we can get top-quality wines on the red soil. The cellar, located on the ground floor of the family house, is equipped with modern technology, stainless steel and bariq barrels. Our wines are aged in the cellar for a year, while red wines and sparkling wines are aged for more years, before being released on the market.

The entire production respects the laws of nature, so a large part of the process is guided by an ecological and sustainable approach. The dedicated work of the entire family results in the production of quality wines that win awards at local domestic and foreign competitions. We have been present in Vinistra since the very beginning, so that the first gold medals for Malvasia were obtained way back in 1996. As with Malvasia, we achieve enviable results with other varieties, Teran, Merlot. In addition to recognized awards, our efforts are often rewarded by our loyal consumers who are satisfied with the quality of the wine.

In addition to the production of wine as the main product, the farm produces in a modern distillery various domestic brandies, travarica, bisque, we grow olives and produce high-quality olive oil.