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Palčić Leonardo

Palčić Leonardo

Dajla 144
52466 Novigrad, Hrvatska

Palčić Wines

The Palčić family has been settled in Dajla since the time when they worked for Count Francesco Andrea Elia Grisoni, the founder of the Benedictine monastery in Dajla. As times and systems changed, the Palčić family remained dedicated to viticulture and winemaking.

The more recent history begins in 1996 when Sergio Palčić took over part of the vineyard from a failing agricultural combine and established a wine cellar in the family home. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1999, leaving his young son Leonardo to take over the winery overnight. It wasn't easy for him, but with additional education, he quickly overcame all obstacles and elevated the cellar to a high standard. Today, they cultivate seven hectares of vineyards on red soil, located in the triangle between Dajla, Bužinija, and Novigrad. Due to issues with the golden yellow disease, in 2020, they had to uproot almost all of the old vines and replant new ones.

The vineyard assortment includes: Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Chardonnay, Black Malvasia, Malvasia di Candida Aromatica, Borgonja, and Merlot. They are present in the market with nine wine labels, with the most sought-after being fresh and aged Malvasia, Merlot, and the "Giovanni" sparkling wine, dedicated to their grandfather.