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Meneghetti vina

Meneghetti vina

Stancija Meneghetti 1
52211 Bale, Hrvatska

Meneghetti - the first Croatian Wine Resort

Zagreb lawyer Miro Plišo recognized the beauty of the Istrian landscape at the end of the last century and sought an interesting microlocation where he could spend his free time in peace and quiet. After a long search in the southwest part of the peninsula between Bale and Barbariga, overlooking the Brijuni Islands, he found the abandoned Meneghetti estate.

This neglected property was once home to a wealthy family engaged in agriculture, primarily olive oil and wine, much of which was sold to the Austro-Hungarian army from nearby forts. Miro quickly renovated the facility and initially planned to cultivate a few olive trees, but soon planted the first vineyard. 

From the initial idea at the beginning of this century to the present day, the Meneghetti estate has developed into an impressive Wine Resort that is growing every year. In 2022, one of the most modern wine cellars in southern Istria was opened. The first two wine labels were Meneghetti White and Meneghetti Red, which remain distinctive products of this winery, complemented by a dozen more labels, with the "Meneghetti Val Gambalera" Single Vineyard label standing out.