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Kozlović winery

Kozlović winery

Vale 78, Momjan
52460 Buje, Hrvatska

Four generations & the same values guaranteed by the family name with wine since 1904.

We believe that wine is the fruit of the climate, the vines and the people, and vineyards are our greatest treasure. We nurture autochthonous Istrian varieties: Istrian Malvasia, Teran and Momjan Muscat, and we guarantee quality with the family name", Gianfranco Kozlović

The Vale Valley has been the home of the Kozlović family since 1904. Here, where the first generation planted the first hectare of vineyards, a modern winery is located. Home for wine people and wine. Through all four generations, the goal has remained the same: to preserve autochthonous Istrian varieties while respecting the territory and heritage, to advance in knowledge and technology in the vineyard and cellar, and to create wines that belong to the land they come from.

Everything starts with work in the vineyard: Santa Lucia single vineyard & Valle vineyard

The Kozlović winery is run by the fourth generation - Gianfrano and Antonella Kozlović, and they do not intend to increase production, but instead focus on the improvement of vineyards that are in the ecological regime, researching the peculiarities of viticultural positions and techniques, and the potential of aging wines from autochthonous varieties. Of the 30 ha of our own vineyards, 25 ha are located in Santa Lucia (single vineyard), where the malvasia vines date back to 1961. The premium wines of the Kozlović winery come from this vineyard - the elegant, multi-platinum Santa Lucia Malvazija aged in large barrels for 12 months , followed by Bordeaux-type casks in which I share terane - Santa Lucia Noir, which ages in wood for 18 months, and the orange Santa Lucia Malvazija Po mojen, whose 9-month maceration takes place in a large wooden barrel.

The Valle vineyard surrounds the winery. It occupies an area of 5 ha, and thanks to the temperature differences between day and night, this position results in crisp, fresh and playful wines, among which the winery's bestseller is the fresh Malvazija, as well as Teran, Svinjon, Muscat Momjanski suhi and Muskat Momjanski semi-sweet with a protected label of origin.

The winery also offers muscat brandy from Momjan - Lakrima and extra virgin olive oil

Winery - a home for people and wine

Kozlović Winery is a place of experience, learning and pleasure in wine. A rectangular building with clean lines rises in the middle of the vineyard, in the place where the first hectare was planted in 1904. Although it is 2200 m2 spread over 3 floors, thanks to the architectural and design endeavor made of glass, the building is almost invisible, reflecting the landscape, the Momjan castle and the vineyards. The terrace above the vineyard, where guided tastings are held due to the glass fence, gives the impression of floating above the valley, and the horticulture on the estate allows relaxed enjoyment on the grassy surfaces. The winery also has Teatro Felice, an amphitheatrically designed space intended for socializing with wine, plays, concerts and other cultural events hosted by the winery Kozlović.