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Farnažine 6a
52470 Umag, Hrvatska

CUJ Wines

Danijel Kraljević belongs to the generation of young educated winemakers who emerged on the Istrian wine scene at the beginning of this century. The Kraljević family has been living in the Umag area for centuries and has always been involved in agriculture.

In 2006, with the help of his family, Danijel elevated this tradition to a higher level by opening a modern winery and oil mill, as well as several elegant guest rooms in the village of Farnažine between Umag and Plovanija. As a tribute to his grandfather, who planted part of the vineyard, he chose his nickname "CUJ" as the brand name, as he always used to say in the local dialect: "CUJ, Cuj da ti rečem" (listen, let me tell you). The winery currently cultivates 9 hectares of vineyards and 3 hectares of olive trees, and in addition to Danijel, his son Evan, a trained oenologist, and his daughter Lara, who handles marketing and sales, are also involved in the business.

They offer seven wine labels on the market, ranging from elegant sparkling wine, fresh Istrian Malvasia which is called "Baština" when aged, elegant rosé, Muscat Špekula, excellent red blend "Boscolo" of Teran and Merlot, to the flagship of the winery, aged Teran for which the grapes come from one of the best Istrian Teran positions "Bosco grande" with deep red soil.