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Medea wines

Medea wines

Medulinska cesta 15
52100 Pula, Hrvatska

Brend južne Istre

The Medea winery in Vodnjan is the largest wine producer in southern Istria, and along with its sister brand 'Uljara Vodnjan,' it continues the history and tradition of the Agroprodukt agricultural conglomerate. Medea wines currently cultivate over sixty hectares of vineyards in several different micro-locations in southern Istria. 

The largest vineyard is situated in the micro-location Ševe, and for the Istarska Malvazija, the special position is Montiron. The most significant position of the winery is located on the southeast part of the Marlera cape, south of Ližnjan, in the micro-location Punta Grkova. The name Punta is associated with the settlement of Greeks from Cyprus in the 16th century, and at Medea, on 3.4 hectares of vineyards, they produce grapes for one of the best Croatian Merlots, named 'Punta Greca.' 

Their wines are divided into four quality categories. The line of liter wines for general use is called 'Vina Vodnjan.' The largest line is 'Vina Medea,' consisting of seven labels of fresh wines obtained from indigenous varieties such as Malvazija, Refošk, and Teran, as well as international varieties like Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Lastly, the two flagships of the Medea winery: the 'Single Vineyard' labels 'Montiron' and 'Punta Greca.'