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Sv. Servul 7C
52466 Novigrad, Hrvatska

Pervino, a family winery in Istria, in Novigrad, produces unique wines with a character, that reflect the winemaking tradition of the Peršurić family blended with the Istrian terroir

In Novigrad, as the heart of our business activity, our 15 hectares of vineyards can be found. We try to pour their story into wine, and we let them tell you the story about soil, climate and tradition in every sip, but also to offer a unique pleasure.

The Istrian terroir is recognizable for four types of soil, which can be found in such a small distance. Novigrad and our vineyards are found on the red soil, which because of its capability to preserve the precious water during dry summer months, is ideal for the growth of vines and olive trees, just a few steps away from the sea which also enriches our wine with its breath. The recognizable mineral note of our wines is the result of combination of red soil and the vicinity of the sea.

PERVINO wines come in three product lines: from the light and fresh basic line, followed by the timeless classic line, up to the special exclusive line. Except still wines, we also offer sparkling wines, extra virgin olive oil and brandies.

Our EXCLUSIVE line of wines is the pearl of our production and it represents premium wines that were aged in wooden barrels, with a refined aroma and taste. Malvazija Gold 45, cuvée Red 45 and Teran originate from a vineyard on the 45th parallel north. Wines of the Exclusive line are complex and rich wines with beautiful ripe tannins and a rich aftertaste.

Recently, Pervino winery has released two new wines that represent a beginning of a new era for Pervino wines: Teranero, a sweet teran, and Orange. These wines are a modern approach to autochthonous Istrian varieties, each in its specific way.

In 2020 Pervino winery was fully renovated. The new modern building is home to the production facility, tasting room, wine barrel aging room, wine shop and terrace for summer tastings.

The new edition is a reflection of what the essence of Pervino winery is: people and wines that are a result of their work. Besides the visual improvements, the winery has also been equipped with new state-of-art equipment.