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Sosich Wines

Sosich Wines

Lašići 2/A, Vrh Lašići
52447 Vižinada, Hrvatska


The family winery Sosich has been preserving the tradition of winemaking and viticulture since as far back as 1850, with its more recent history beginning in the early 1990s when the business was started by the late Giorgio Pilato and his son-in-law Bruno Sošić. Unfortunately, the winery had to be taken over by their grandson and son, Adriano Sošić, who is the fourth generation of winemakers in the family. Today, he is supported in the business by his mother Marčela and his wife Iva.

Sosich Winery cultivates eight hectares of its own vineyards located in micro-locations within one of the best wine-growing areas in Istria, between the Mirna River valley and the road connecting Kaštelir and Vižinada, where numerous other prominent winemakers also have their vineyards. In addition to grapes from their own vineyards, they also purchase a portion from several trusted cooperatives in the vicinity of Vižinada.

The grape varieties grown in their vineyard include Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, White Muscat, Teran, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. They are present on the market with around fifteen wine labels and a selection of liqueurs. The winery features an elegantly designed tasting room where they can host visitors, and their wines are also available at their own sales outlets in several tourist destinations in the Poreč area.