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Giulio Ferenac Wines

Giulio Ferenac Wines

Ferenci 8
52448 Vižinada, Hrvatska

Giulio Ferenac

The ancient history of the Giulio Ferenac family begins in 1688 when one of his ancestors retired after years of service in the navy of the Republic of Venice and settled near Vižinada. Since then, the place has been called Ferenci, and several families bear that surname. This beautiful area has always been rich in fertile land, and viticulture and olive growing have always been part of the local population's life.

The more recent history begins in the late 1980s when Marcelo Ferenac, with the help of his son Giulio, modernized production and the cellar, embarking on a new direction of development. Today, Giulio Ferenac cultivates four hectares of his own vineyards in micro-locations Verbinac, Doci, Jadro, and Bosinac, on deep red soil. The assortment consists of Istrian Malvasia and Chardonnay among white grape varieties, and Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon among black grape varieties. The annual production is around 20,000 liters of wine, and they are present on the market with five wine labels, also selling some of it as bulk wine.

The flagship wine of the house is, of course, fresh Istrian Malvasia, and they achieve excellent results with Cabernet Franc and the cuvée "San Lorenzo." This classic Bordeaux blend, with an equal proportion of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, is named after the patron saint of Vižinada. Alongside Giulio, the entire family is involved in the business, including his wife Danijel and daughters Marijana, who is a trained oenologist, and Kristina, who is in charge of marketing. The small wine cellar has been located in the family's basement for over two hundred years.