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Fuškulin 99
52440 Poreč, Hrvatska

Duro Istriano

The village of Fuškulin is situated between Poreč and the Limski Kanal, and its residents have been engaged in viticulture from ancient times. Following this path, at the beginning of this century, young Ivan Damjanić embarked on a journey, continuing the tradition started by his grandfathers 200 years earlier. 

From the beginning, Ivan had a vision for his developmental path, which was by no means easy, but he persevered and did not give up even when times were tough. Today, his grandfathers would be proud of him because, with hard work and the support of his family and wife Željka, he has achieved excellent results. After years of working in modest conditions as a garage winery, this year (2023), the Damjanić winery opened a modern facility with all the accompanying amenities. 

The Damjanić winery is present in the market with 12 wine labels that are marketed through the Classic and Premium lines. The main variety is, of course, Istrian Malvasia, produced in several labels, but they also pay attention to somewhat forgotten traditional Istrian varieties such as Borgonja and Duranja. The winery's Premium labels include white and red blends under the names Clemente Blanc and Clemente Red, and the label 'Duro Istriano (Tvrdi istijan)' describes the character of the winemaker himself."