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Benvenuti Vina

Benvenuti Vina

Kaldir 7
52424 Motovun, Hrvatska

Visionaries from Kaldir

Kaldir, a small village near Motovun, where locals have been engaged in agriculture for many years. This region has long been known for orchards, and in the last decade, numerous vineyards and olive groves have been revitalized. The leader of the new wave of winemaking in this area was the unfortunately prematurely deceased Livio Benvenuti (1953-2020). 

In the early 2000s, Livio, together with his sons Albert and Nikola, began building the family winery in an old family cellar built about a hundred years ago. Livio was a visionary and deeply believed that the Motovun terroir could yield excellent results with the most important Istrian grape varieties, Malvazija Istarska and Teran. 

Today, this family winery is a significant factor on the Croatian wine scene, started with two wine labels and grew to about ten labels, depending on the harvest. The wines are divided into three lines: traditional featuring fresh  wines and aged wines carry the name Livio Benvenuti. The pinnacle of production is a kind of "Reserva de la Familija," consisting of two labels from the Single Vineyard line, released only in the finest vintages, Teran Santa Elisabeta and Muscat San Salvatore.