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Benvenuti Vina

Benvenuti Vina

Kaldir 7
52424 Motovun, Hrvatska

The winery is part of our family home in Kaldir

There we monitor and devotedly tend to all our wines. We are focused on the traditional ways of aging our wine in older and aromatically neutral oak barrels as well as on the vinification method which best preserves the authenticity and the characteristics of our terroir in our wines.

Central Istria’s historic grape varieties are Teran, Malvasia, and White Muscat. Their presence in our region can be traced back to the Middle Ages, which to us is motive enough to try to contribute to their preservation and future. The Benvenuti family has been dealing with wine since the family’s beginnings, and in more recent times, with Albert and Nikola becoming involved in the business, the family has focused solely on winemaking and this has become their only source of income. Today’s winery was founded in 1946, and the first vintage under the name Benvenuti was marketed in 2003.

Vineyards are the essence of our wine philosophy, and this is where we spend the most of our time. They are all situated in some of the highest locations in Istria. For example, San Salvatore reaches the altitude of 400 meters above sea level. All of them are on sunny slopes, high above the morning fog and mist, exposed to the continuous flow of air and frequent winds – reliable allies in keeping the grapes healthy.