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Arman Marijan Wines

Arman Marijan Wines

Narduči 3
52447 Vižinada, Hrvatska

Marijan's Legacy

I first met Marijan Arman in the late nineties when he began his meteoric rise on the Croatian wine scene. On one occasion, in jest, I told him he reminded me of the legendary actor Clark Gable, which delighted him. Unfortunately, Marijan, like the famous American actor, left this world prematurely, but behind him, he left numerous brilliant wines that he had crafted.

His daughters Ines and Nina have successfully continued to lead the winery, following the well-trodden path left by their father. The tradition of winemaking in the Arman family was established by Marijan's great-grandfather Ivan back in 1880, and each subsequent generation has contributed to the development of the winery. In 1999, Marijan won the award for the best Istrian Malvasia at Vinistra, an exhibition of wines that was not yet widely known at the time. However, the Studec award for Malvasia Istrian at the Zagreb Vinoviti in 2000 came as a significant surprise. Several years later, he also received the Studec for Teran, and the rest is history.

Today, they cultivate 10 hectares of vineyards, with Malvasia Istrian and Teran dominating the assortment. They are present in the market with 15 wine labels across several different categories.