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AB Vina - Anđelo Brčić

AB Vina - Anđelo Brčić

Brčićka 5, Brčići
52446 Nova Vas, Hrvatska

Angelo from Brčići

The tradition of agriculture in the Brčić family from the hamlet of Brčići near Nova Vas, Poreč, has been going on for over a hundred years. The more recent history began in 1993 when, after his father's death, Angelo and his wife Milena took over the farm and with diligent work, elevated it to a higher level.

Today, their daughters Suzana and Patricija, along with their families, help them in the business. Brčići now cultivates ten hectares of vineyards and two hectares of olive groves, from which they produce excellent olive oil. The vineyards and olive groves are planted in the surroundings of Nova Vas, on deep fertile red soil, with the backbone of the vineyard consisting of Istrian Malvasia and Teran, as well as numerous international grape varieties. The Brčić winery is present in the market with around fifteen wine labels and about ten spirits labels, all available directly at the winery or in two stores they have in Poreč.

Among the wines, the fresh and aged Istrian Malvasia stands out, as well as the aged Teran and the black blend "San Mauro" and the sparkling wine "Milena," which is dedicated to Angelo's wife. Among the spirits, the white brandy "Đana" and the oak-aged brandy "Đani" stand out, both derived from Muscat grapes and dedicated to Angelo's parents.