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Vina Fuhtar

Vina Fuhtar

Nedešćina 137 A
52231 Nedešćina, Hrvatska

Fuhtar Wines

The tradition of winemaking and viticulture in Eastern Istria has existed since ancient times, and numerous families in this region have been cultivating vineyards for generations. Over the past 60 years, due to increased industrialization and population migration, many farms have been abandoned. However, in the last decade, things have slowly started to change for the better.

Winemakers from the Labin area have joined forces in an association aptly named "Trs," which now counts over 30 members, with Valter Licul serving as president and the guiding spirit of the association. Valter Licul, a long-time media professional from Nedešćina, together with his son Pijer, founded the "garage" winery "Fuhtar" in 2016. This winery is a continuation of the rich tradition of viticulture in the Licul family, which spans over 100 years, established by Valter's grandfather Domac Licul, who was nicknamed Fuhtar.

Fuhtar Wines currently cultivate 3 hectares of vineyards in the vicinity of Nedešćina and plan to plant several more hectares of Teran in one of the best microlocations in Šumber. They currently offer eight wine labels on the market. The vineyard is predominantly planted with indigenous varieties such as Istrian Malvasia and Teran, along with Merlot and Yellow Muscat.