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Vina Dobravac

Vina Dobravac

Karmelo 1
52210 Rovinj, Hrvatska

Gašpar's Son

In the early fifties, when Gašpar and Foška Dobravac moved to Rovinj, they began engaging in what they had learned from their families—agriculture. Slowly, they built their estate and became known primarily for the production of fruits and vegetables, and to a lesser extent, wine. 

In the nineties, their son Damir took over the estate, continuing in the same footsteps and elevating everything to an even higher level. In the last decade, they have gradually shifted their focus more towards the wine sector and less on agriculture. In addition, the Dobravacs own the boutique hotel Villa Dobravac with a stunning view of Rovinj, where guests can enjoy excellent accommodation and indulge in various delicacies produced on the family farm. 

Dobravac wines, besides their quality, are distinctive for the names they carry. Following the suggestion of their relative, the renowned Rovinj composer Massimo Brajković, the names of the wines, like music, ascend from lighter to heavier. It starts with lighter Malvasias—Suita and Sonata—then continues with aged Sonata Riserva, Simminor, and Simfonija, followed by the sweet and dark Toccata and Fuga, concluding with the Teran Gašpar, which Damir dedicated to his father.