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Novacco vina

Novacco vina

Fernetići 70
52474 Brtonigla, Hrvatska

Novacco Wines

The Novacco family has been consistently involved in winemaking and viticulture in the same location in the village of Fernetići since 1837, which is one of the longest traditions in Istria. The business was started by Matteo Novacco, who planted the first vineyards in fertile red soil and sold wine in Trieste and Koper. Despite turbulent and uncertain times, subsequent generations continued with viticulture.

Recent history began in 2008 when the young, educated winemaker Dario Novacco took over the management of the winery from his father Klaudio and introduced certain innovations, raising the business to a higher level. The winery now cultivates ten hectares of vineyards and two hectares of olive groves, and the entire family is involved in the business, with Dario taking care of the cellar and father Klaudio managing the vineyard.

Their range includes Istrian Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Yellow Muscat, and Burgundy, and they are present on the market with four wine labels. The most sought-after wine is fresh Istrian Malvasia, which has won numerous awards, as has Sauvignon Blanc, which has been considered the best in Croatian Istria for many years.