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Anđelini wines

Anđelini wines

Velanov Brijeg 42
52000 Pazin, Hrvatska

The centenary tradition of the families Velan and Anđelini

For centuries, vines and wine have been a part of the culture and life of the inhabitants of central Istria, including Velanovo Brijeg and the Velan and Anđelini families. The area of Velanovo Brijeg is represented by a hill and a village of the same name located south of the town of Pazin at 474 meters above sea level. The proven quality of our wines is a combination of specific climate, soil, technology, and especially love and respect for the vine. Back in 1924, Ciril Velan built a house and a family cellar where wine was produced for his own needs and for sale.

Vineyards are planted with a variety of varieties, especially autochthonous varieties: Malvasia Istriana, Brajdenica and Teran. In 1997, a significant increase in grape and wine production began, new vineyards were planted and the cellar was expanded. Today, we process 65,000 vines of various varieties, especially Malvasia, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Teran. Our vineyards stretch up to 474 meters above sea level, which are currently the highest commercial vineyards in Istria. The specificity of our production is based on the philosophy that wines need time and that nature should be allowed to do certain processes in wine maturation. This is precisely why our wines are aged for a minimum of one year in the cellar before being released on the market. The entire production respects the laws of nature, so a large part of the process is guided by an ecological and sustainable approach. Knowledge is an important link in quality and progress, so the family has as many as three master's degrees in agronomic engineering who, together with other family members, manage the entire production from the vineyard to the release on the market.

Awards for work and quality

The dedicated work of the entire family results in the production of quality wines that always receive high honors at domestic and foreign competitions. Of the awards, two gold medals at Decanter in London for Domenico 2015 and Malvazija Istria 2015, as well as several bronze medals, should be highlighted. We have been present in Vinistra since the very beginning, and every year we achieve enviable results both with Malvasia and with other varieties.

Production of honey and bee products

In addition to the production of wine as the main product of the economy, we are engaged in beekeeping and offer honey and other bee products. Beekeeping also represents a decades-long tradition of this economy. Acacia stands out the most in honey production, and to a lesser extent chestnut, linden and honeydew, depending on grazing conditions.