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Mate Vlašića 34
52440 Poreč, Hrvatska

Leaders in Istrian viticulture and olive growing

Vina Laguna is a brand that originated from one of the most significant agro-industrial complexes in Istria, Agrolaguna. Established in 1963, this complex operated for many years under the umbrella of the Plava Laguna hotel company. Even then, their motto was "From field to table," supplying numerous hotels within a large tourist group with their high-quality products. 

In the early 1990s, a successful privatization followed, and today, in addition to wines, they market excellent olive oils under the brand "Ol Istria" and cheeses from "Stancija Špin. Vina Laguna currently manages 600 hectares of vineyards planted in various micro-locations on the western part of Istria and on different types of soil. Starting from the southernmost vineyards near Vrsar, planted in deep red soil, all the way to Brtonigla and Vižinada in the north, where vineyards are planted in white soil. 

On the market, they are present in the segment of quality and premium wines with over twenty labels divided into three lines. Among the white varieties, malvazija istarska predominates, and among the reds, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Their wines regularly win numerous awards at both domestic and international wine competitions.