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Other varieties

Borgonja (Blaufränkisch)

Although Blaufränkisch was long thought to be an indigenous Istrian grape variety, genetic analysis recently revealed that it shares the same genotype as Frankovka. Regardless, Blaufränkisch has a long tradition of cultivation in Istria. In the vicinity of Poreč and Višnjan, Blaufränkisch was more common than Teran until just a few decades ago. It is grown in the area of Istria, mainly in the vineyards of western Istria, and is still the most common today in the vicinity of Poreč. Synonyms (other known names): Frankovka, Blaufränkisch, Frankinja, modra Frankinja, Franconia, Kékfrankos, Lemberger.


A typical Blaufränkisch is ruby red.


This wine has intense aromas of blackberry and raspberry, along with fragrant notes of violets and refined freshness, as well as aroma of red pepper that rounds off the soft fruit and herbal notes, enriched with cloves and delicate tannins.

Sansigot (Sušćan)

This variety got its name from the Italian name for the island of Susak, Sansego, but also from the Greek word for oregano - sansegus. On the island of Susak, where it has been typically grown since the dawn of time, there is even a surname Sansegoti. It was allegedly brought to the island by the ancient Greeks, and the sandy soil proved to be ideal for growing this variety. It was this sandy soil that saved this variety from extinction at the time of phylloxera, after which most of the cultivation of this variety moved to the neighboring island of Krk.




Sansigot is a medium body wine, with beautiful floral notes, mostly of violets, as well as red and black forest fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, currants, and lively acids. Depending on the year, sour cherry and sweet cherry aromas may be present, along with light, low percent of alcohol around 12%.


This indigenous variety of white grapes is grown mostly in Vrbničko polje on the island of Krk. Its name comes from the Old Slavic word for noble - žlahten.


Žlahtina is a green-yellow to dark straw-yellow wine.


This light wine with a refreshing taste has discreet and recognizable varietal aromas of immortelle, apple and sorb tree fruit.