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Malvazija connects people

The best Istrian winemakers and young rising stars, top wines and fine delicacies are hard to resist, so if you haven't yet, stop by the 28th Vinistra. It lasts until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow.

When it comes to Istrian wines, not even the effects of sirocco can spoil the plans. Thus, the first two days on the 28th Vinistra saw a real rush to the Žatika hall in Poreč. On the main stage - Istrian winemakers, the most famous ones, but also young rising stars whose time is yet to come.

Behind the scenes, an interesting program with famous sommeliers such as the always interesting Emil Perdec. He led a great masterclass “The Malvasia Myth” and presented dry and sweet Malvasia from Greek Monemvasia, sparkling and sweet from the area around Parma and Piacenza, while the champions fresh Malvasia Dešković and golden, aged Malvasia Brčić had Istria’s back.

“It was interesting to draw a parallel regarding what everything Malvasia as a variety can provide in different terroirs. Many people don't know that this variety was the leading one in the Mediterranean during the Republic of Venice, and we evoked memories of its golden era at the workshop. It was interesting to hear the experiences of Greek and Italian producers”, said Perdec. The masterclass was concluded by paraphrasing the well-known slogan “Malvasia connects people”.

The Istrian neighbors from Kvarner presented themselves with workshops on indigenous varieties of the island of Krk and “Sparkling Kvarner”.

“More than 90 percent of the Kvarner vineyards, which cover approximately two hundred hectares, are planted with indigenous grape varieties, of which Žlahtina is the most abundant. Many do not know that Kvarner is the third region in Croatia in terms of sparkling wines with a special natural potential for these wines. In Kvarner, there is almost no winemaker who does not have at least one sparkling wine in their cellar”, pointed out the workshop manager Ines Matić Matešković, who presented 11 Kvarner sparkling wines.

Today, diplomas for student wine were awarded to the students of the Professional Study of Winemaking in Poreč, and tomorrow the Chardonnay expression in Istria awaits, which is a workshop about the variety that has been present on the Istrian peninsula for more than a hundred years. Also, five current and former students of the Polytechnic in Rijeka will present award-winning wines from Vinistra's judging. Among them is twenty-three-year-old Paolo Agapito, whose mature Teran from 2018 is this year's champion in that category. If you haven't met him or tasted his wines, you still have the chance tomorrow until 7:00 p.m., when the 28th of Vinistra ends.