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Dario Sirotić vina

Dario Sirotić vina

Medveje 8
52420 Buzet, Hrvatska

D&D Sirotić

Serious tradition of winemaking and viticulture in Buzeština dates back over four hundred years. Its development was influenced by the proximity to Trieste, as well as the later arrival of the railway that connected them to the whole world. Unfortunately, today there are not many winemakers in Buzeština except in Vrhuština, which could soon become an interesting wine destination.

Three family wineries are located in the small village of Medveje, and one of them is D&D Sirotić, led by father and son with the same name, Dario. The winemaking tradition in their family is over 150 years old, and the cellar is always in the same house. Due to the specific terrain configuration, the vineyards are situated on terraces on deep white stony ground, at sea level heights ranging from 160 to 240 meters.

Today, they cultivate three hectares of vineyards, and their assortment includes Istrian Malvasia, Teran, White Muscat, and Chardonnay, which has shown excellent results in these Istrian continental regions. The Sirotić family has won numerous awards for their wines at various domestic and international competitions, and they are present on the market with five wine labels. In addition to the cellar, they also have an elegant tasting room located in the deep shade of a centuries-old house.