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Stancija Collis

Stancija Collis

Sarižol 11
52210 Rovinj, Hrvatska

Estate with a Magnificent View

The history of the Collis estate began in 1988 when spouses Mastilović, Carmen and Mirko, began building their oasis of peace in untouched nature near Rovinj. Collis is derived from the Latin word for hill because the estate is located on a hilltop with a phenomenal view of the entire Rovinj archipelago all the way to Brijuni.

When they started building the estate, the Mastilović spouses planted a small vineyard and olive grove, but they never imagined that their son Juraj would fall in love with the wine story and that the Collis estate would develop into its present form. Juraj completed his winemaking studies at the Poreč Institute and diligently learned and gathered knowledge in various wineries from Istria to New Zealand. Thus, in 2015, Juraj completed the first independent harvest at the Collis estate from the existing vineyards, which have expanded to this day.

Today, they are present in the market with six wine labels, among which stand out two labels of Istrian Malvasia, elegant rosé, excellent Bordeaux blend, and extra virgin olive oil. At the Collis estate, many animals live in symbiosis, among which the Istrian ox stands out, whose medicinal milk you can also buy here.