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Agapito wines

Agapito wines

Marčenegla 1/4
52420 Buzet, Hrvatska

Vina Agapito is a small family winery located in the north of Istria in the town of Marcenegla on the hilly terrain surrounding lake Butoniga

The tradition of growing vines and producing wine goes back even before the arrival of Malvasia, with the cultivation of old autochthonous varieties such as Durania and Hrvatica. The most beautiful view of the tradition and care for the vines is provided by the vineyards planted at the end of the 19th century, which still produce grapes of the highest quality.

Knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, and so is our main philosophy, which is that wine is made in the vineyard and nurtured in the cellar. For this reason, we work under ecological agriculture. In the cellar, we combine tradition and modernity, so our red wines mature for a minimum of 3 years in wooden barrels, while all white wines undergo cryo-maceration.

The current area under vineyards is 2.7 ha, scattered in several locations with an altitude of 42 m to 360 m, in which there are autochthonous Istrian varieties, namely Malvazija Istria, Duranija, Trbljan and Muskat žuti. And from the red ones: Teran, Borgonja, Hrvatica, Likant and Muscat rose.