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Wine & Spirits Awards 2022

Wine and Spirits Awards 2022

The judging of the best-loved Istrian grape variety is traditionally held as part of Vinistra's international wine and hard liquor judging, which received another 257 samples of wine made from different grape varieties and 35 samples of fruit brandy, which, along with the Malvasia wine grape varieties, makes a total of 565 samples.

The association is beyond satisfied with the records that were broken this year, and we hope this trend will continue. Another novelty was also introduced this year - an afternoon visit to a winery. The idea was for the wine judges to have the opportunity to meet Istrian wineries and see first-hand where the wine they are judging comes from. In this way, we are trying to spread the word about Istrian wines on an international level, since the wineries and their wine have been at the world-class quality level for several years.

Results Wine and Spirits Awards 2022

Download the PDF with the results via the link below.

Results Wine&Spirits Awards 2022.pdf