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Vintage by Vinistra: Zagreb enjoyed top-quality aged Malvasias

Exceptional, powerful aged Malvasias from 33 Istrian wineries once again confirmed the prestigious status of Istria

A total of 33 winemakers, as many as 53 top-quality aged Malvasias, the oldest from 2003, were presented in Zagreb's Esplanade Hotel. The second promenade tasting from the Vintage by Vinistra series delighted the Croatian wine scene once again.

Sommeliers, oenologists, chefs, owners of wine shops and restaurants, wine connoisseurs and representatives of the media enjoyed exceptional Malvasia wines, including those with multiple world renown championship titles and awards, just as they discovered the beauty of aged terans at the premiere Vintage a few months ago organized by Vinistra.

"Malvasia Istriana is one of the most impressive Istrian brands, no other variety had such an impact on the development of Istria as the wine region, it produces fantastic fresh wines, and the world's most famous wine critics write and talk about the aged ones today. It took a lot of courage, will, effort and knowledge to create such exceptional wines that bring an increasing number of foreign guests to our wineries every year and that have positioned Istria as a top wine-gastro destination," said Luka Rossi, president of Vinistra, association of winemakers and winegrowers of Istria.

The Prefect of the Istrian County, Boris Miletić, agreed with him, and also pointed out that malvasia istriana is one of the most famous symbols of the Istrian peninsula.

"Many people's first association with Istria is Malvasia. Although we are not a wine region with the largest vineyards, our philosophy is to strive for excellence, and I think the Istrian winemakers are proving this, so I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart for that," said the Istrian prefect.

The Minister of Agriculture, Marija Vučković, thanked Istrian winemakers for promoting the history, tradition, culture, excellence of Istria and the whole of Croatia.

"The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to recognize all your efforts and strive to contribute to any kind of your success, internationalization and commercialization. I also congratulate you on hosting the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles wine competition, which you won based on your quality, and I happily point out that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government of the Republic of Croatia will support you in this, as well as in all other projects", said the Minister of Agriculture to Istrian winemakers. 

Vintage from 2003 to 2020.

At the second Vintage by Vinistra promenade tasting with aged malvasias, the following wineries participated: Cattunar and OMO from Brtonigla, Damjanić, Kadum and Agrolaguna from Poreč, Benvenuti and Bertoša from Kaldir, Marijan Arman Winery, Rossi, Pilato and Sosich Wines from Vižinada, Dobravac and Vivoda from Rovinj, Meneghetti from Bale, Matić and Poletti from Višnjan, Anđelini from Pazin, Anđelo Brčić from Nova Vasa, Marčeta from Fažana, In Sylvis from Sv. Petra u Šumi, Vina Matošević from Krunčići, Vina Zigante and Dešković from Kostanjica, Ipša from Livade, Medea from Vodnjan, Vina Franković from Buje, Kozlović and Prelac from Momjan, Pervino from Novigrad, Tomaz and Fakin from Motovun, Degrassi from Savudrija.

Masterclass delighted wine connoisseurs

Well-known sommelier Emil Perdec held an attractive masterclass and presented a wide range of Istrian Malvasia varieties before the promenade tasting of aged Malvasias. He chose seven malvasias that went well with the dishes of Esplanade's chef Ana Grgić Tomić.

Orange Spritz, Medea Brut, from the Medea winery from Vodnjan was a great introduction to this beautiful story. Black sesame tacos, salted black prawn tail tartar, herb and citrus aioli, and a crunchy salad were served with RE Winery Kabola sparkling wine from Momjan.

With the exceptional Bomarchese Selection from 2020 of the Degrassi winery from Savudrija, the smoked sea bass fillet with dried apricot and white pepper sauce went perfectly, and with the excellent Clemente blanc 2020, Damjanić wines from Poreč, the shells of St. Jacques, zucchini, mango marmalade, truffles and coconut.

Intriguing Classica from 2018 Poletti wine from Višnjan and monkfish with Swiss chard and potato foam, mullet botarga and panko crumbs were a perfect match, and with the powerful Simfonija from 2016 from the Dobravac winery from Rovinj, we served American striploin with a crown of pine nuts and Parmesan , brown butter bearmaise and white asparagus. Finally, the sweet Arbor Selection from 2019. In Sylvis wine from Sv. Petar u Šumi with baked orange and almond sponge cake with vanilla cream, aromatic almonds with pepper and cinnamon and baked orange cream. A real explosion of flavors.