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Vinistra presented Istrian malvasia in Greek Monemvasia, the cradle of malvasia

Istria made the biggest step forward in the Mediterranean when it comes to Malvasia, this was confirmed at the first Malvasia Festival in Greece

It is the first synonym with Istria, covers more than 60 percent of Istrian vineyards, is the most awarded Croatian wine at international competitions, but also the most sought after on the Croatian gourmet scene and in tourism. So Ivica Matošević, an award-winning Istrian winemaker and one of the founders of Vinistra and a member of the Supervisory Board of this association of winegrowers and winemakers, presented the most famous Istrian variety at the first Malvasia Festival, which was held in Monemvasia, Greece, from June 9 to 11.

The fact is that in a very short period of time, in only thirty years, Istrian winemakers have succeeded in what was built for centuries in some wine regions. They made a brand out of a relatively unknown variety and are an example of good practice for the entire Mediterranean area where malvasia is cultivated.

Malvasia is the oldest wine brand in the world

"Malvasia is a unique variety, there is no such wine story in the world wine heritage. But working together always brings more, especially when it comes to wine. Synergy and friendship are true values and wine lovers appreciate our passion and enthusiasm", said Matošević in Greece.

The director of Vinistra, Ivan Marić, presented to the Greeks the work of Vinistra, the eponymous wine exhibition, the recently held Concours Mondial de Buxelles in Poreč, but also the World of Malvasia, the international competition of this variety, which breaks records for the number of samples year after year, in which Greek wineries also participate every year. Marić pointed out that Malvasia is the oldest wine brand in the world.

Malvasia Myth

At the Festival in Monemvasia, Greeks had the opportunity to taste the famous Malvasias from Istria, there was great interest at the Istrian stand, praises came from all over.

The visit to Greece was organized as part of the Malvasia Myth project, which brings together partners from Croatia, Italy and Greece, and is aimed at valorizing malvasia.

"The goal of the project is to create an international Malvasia brand that will contribute to the promotion of the involved areas and winemakers and consequently strengthen the position of Istria as a quality wine region," added Iva Jekić, head of the Central Istria LAG.

The project, which became part of Iter Vitis, a wine cultural route certified by the Council of Europe, unites different destinations and promotes wine tourism.

Thanks to the LAG of Central Istria, as one of the holders of the Malvasia Myth project, Istria once again got the opportunity to present itself as an attractive wine region on the international scene.