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Vinistra supports the owners of the Kabola winery in the fight against the construction of a complex next to the vineyards of the protected Momjan Muscat

Istrian winemakers are unanimous: a medical-tourist center for alternative medicine and architecture according to the principles of the ancient Indian knowledge of Vastu, with a swimming pool, restaurants, hotel and apartments on an urbanized area of ten thousand meters has no place next to the vineyards of the protected Momjan Muscat wine

Kanedolo is a wine-growing location between Momjan and Buje with a centuries-old viticultural tradition and vineyards of autochthonous Momjan muscat, which became the 18th protected Croatian wine at the EU level last year and carries a protected designation of origin. Although white Muscat can be found in other parts of Istria, it yields the best results in the area of Momjan. The microclimate of this narrow area in the northwest of the peninsula is extremely suitable for the cultivation of this variety, with which only 15 hectares of Momjan vineyards are currently planted, and the plan is to expand them considerably in the next few years.

Therefore, the winemakers of Momjan were surprised by information about the construction of an alternative medical and tourist complex of a closed type, which should be constructed in the Vastu style of ancient Indian architecture, next to the vineyards of the famous Istrian winery Kabola, all of whose wines and olive oils carry an organic certification. It is also one of the most beautiful Istrian estates with a stone stanzia which was featured in the scenes of the Hollywood film Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard.

Vinistra, the association and regional organization of winegrowers and winemakers for the region of Istria and Kvarner, provided their support to the owners of the Kabola winery - Markežić family, as well as to all Momjan winemakers who oppose the construction of an alternative medicine complex on the unique wine-growing hills. In Vinistra they point out that no one is against investments and large projects, but in such cases, it is necessary to protect primarily the interests of the local community, winegrowers and olive growers who have lived from the Istrian soil for centuries, and thanks to them, Istria is today recognized as a tourist wine destination with beautiful landscapes and a unique offer.

“In accordance with the strategy and marketing plan of Istrian viticulture and winemaking, which the members of Vinistra adopted four years ago, we must take care of the top quality of our wines, which has positioned us as a recognizable wine region, but also the protection of our wine-growing areas and the nature where they are grown. Therefore, Vinistra fully supports the efforts of the Markežić family, which owns the Kabola winery, in their fight against the urbanization of a unique area where Momjan Muscat, but also Malvasia and Teran, as well as other varieties yield top results. In addition, the Markežić family was one of the first in Istria to switch to organic production, which is extremely demanding and not compatible with the construction of large complexes", points out the new president of Vinistra, Luka Rossi.

In Vinistra, they believe that this problem will be solved to the satisfaction of their members and the investors.