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Vinistra organized the first exclusive tasting in the most beautiful Istrian castle

By combining top quality Istrian wines and cheeses in the new, elegant space in the Morosini-Grimani Castle in Svetvičent, Istrian winemakers announced the 12th World of Malvasia and the 27th Vinistra

Finally! Vinistra opened a sale point in the exclusive area of the renovated Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvičent, where, in cooperation with the Croatian Sommelier Club, it will regularly organize wine tastings. The project was realized in cooperation with the Municipality of Svetvinčenat and the company Savičenta d.o.o. which manages this beautiful building from the 13th century. Considering the circumstances, the opening was celebrated in an appropriate way, in a narrow circle of guests with the first guided tasting of exceptional Istrian wines and cheeses in seven courses and strict adherence to epidemiological measures.

Well-known Croatian sommelier Emil Perdec first paired Medea Brut, Malvazija with light mozzarella from Mljekare Latus, and her semi-hard cow's cheese went perfectly with Malvazija from 2019 Vina Fuhtar. Along with Malvazija "La Prima" from 2018 Vina Fakin, semi-hard goat cheese from Stancije Kumparička was served, and with the great cuvée Grimalda crna from 2017 Vina Matošević, cow cheese from Veli Jože Mljekare Latus. It was followed by Teran Barbarossa from 2017. Vina Tomaz combined with aged goat cheese from Stancija Kumparička, then Malvazija San Salvatore from 2013. Benvenuti Vina with aged cow's cheese from Urbani Mljekare Latus. Real refreshment at the end: gin and tonic - a combination of Gin Karbun Aura, Aura distillery and Premium Crafted Tonic Water, Count's Drinks - with curd with goat's caramel from Latus Dairy and Kumaprička Station.
"Exclusive tastings in an exclusive space where we also opened a sales point. It has been open all year, for now there are about fifty top labels of Istrian winemakers, and our customers will finally be able to buy their favorite wines in one place. The first tasting in this beautiful building is the best introduction to the 12th World of Malvasia and the Vinistra Wine & Spirits Awards, which will be held from April 12th to 16th at the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel in Poreč. After that, the countdown begins for the 27th Vinistra, which will most certainly be organized for the first time in the open air in Poreč from May 7th to 9th," said Nikola Benvenuti, president of Vinistra.