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Vina Vorić

Vina Vorić

Digitronska 14
52460 Buje, Hrvatska


Josip "Bepo" Vorić is one of several distinctive Istrian winemakers who simultaneously engage in hospitality and winemaking. Bepo and his wife Karmen have been successfully running the Aquarius Pizzeria - Tavern in Buje for many years, an essential wine and gastronomy destination for numerous local and foreign gourmets. It is often the case that restaurants offer excellent food but struggle with wine selection, but this is not the case here because the owner ensures the quality of both.

Bepo comes from a classic Istrian family where both sides, maternal and paternal, were involved in viticulture. Therefore, he completed his education at the Viticulture Institute in Poreč in 2001. This additional training served him well to establish a wine cellar in Ferenci near Vižinada, where his mother was born, and continue the tradition started by his ancestors in 1920. From his father, he inherited a sense of hospitality because his family had a tavern near Višnjan for years, where they sold wine. Today, the Vorić winery cultivates six hectares of its own vineyards in two locations, three hectares each. Not far from Buje, on white soil in the Contarini and Ferne locations, they grow white grape varieties, Malvasia Istriana and Viognier, while red grape varieties Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated on red soil around Vižinada.

The annual production of the Vorić winery is 20,000 liters of wine, of which one-third is marketed in bottles and two-thirds as bulk wine. Bepo has already received numerous awards for his wines at Istrian wine events.