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Istrian wines excelled in Decanter’s December feature

A total of 151 samples of white wines, three countries: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia; out of eight exceptional wines, four are from Istria

The December issue of the prestigious wine magazine Decanter brings a special feature across 12 pages about white wines from the region. Under the name Panel Tasting: Adriatic Whites, in addition to wines from Croatia, wines from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were judged, and Istrian Malvasia was declared the true star of the region.

Out of a total of 151 samples that arrived in London, eight were rated as exceptional wines, of which as many as four, or 50 percent, are from Istria – Ipša's Santa Elena Malvasia from 2018, Kabolina Amfora Malvasia from 2019, Pilat's Malvasia Sur Lie from 2018 and Vivodina St Euphemia from 2018.

“The December feature, based on a great tasting of regional white varieties with an emphasis on indigenous ones, once again confirmed the status of Istria as a wine region, but also of Malvasia as an exceptionally high-quality variety that produces top wines known on the world wine scene. This prestigious status is the result of a rich heritage, superior technology, exceptional knowledge, but also intensive work on the promotion of Istrian wines", says Luka Rossi, president of Vinistra, the association of winemakers and winegrowers of Istria, who organized samples of white wines from 46 Istrian cellars to travel to London.

Wines that are currently sold on the market, preferably available in Great Britain or the United States of America, were judged, and in addition to single varieties, samples of blends could also be sent. Istrian wines dominate in other categories as well. Thus, out of 67 highly recommended wines, 40 are from Istria, and out of 72 recommended, 38 are from Istria.

British Caroline Gilby, who holds the prestigious title of Master of Wine, author of Decanter's Panel Tasting feature: Adriatic Whites, is an eminent expert in wines, who as president or participant of the jury of judging commissions in all three countries is very familiar with indigenous varieties and wines of the region. For many years, she has been the president of the judging commission at Vinistra's judging of wines and hard liquor as well as the World of Malvasia.

“Istrian Malvasia is the superstar of the judging, showing its potential in a whole spectrum of styles, from classic fermentation in oak barrels to orange and natural wines or those aged in clay amphorae and even in acacia wood. We noticed a very skillful production of macerated wines and wines produced with natural yeasts", wrote Gilby in Decanter's feature.

Panel Tasting: Adriatic Whites
is a great invitation to the upcoming Vinistra, which is less than seven months away. Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers have already booked the weekend from 5 to 7 May to visit the Žatika hall in Poreč.