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The largest wine event completed with the handover of the hosting, Vinistra confirmed itself as an excellent organizer

The official part of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles was completed in Istria. As many as 7,504 wine samples were evaluated, among them 220 from Croatian and 150 from Istrian wines, results on May 23.

The official part of the 30th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles ended in Istria with a ceremonial handing over of the household to the Mexican wine region of Guanajuato.

"This is the biggest event organized by Vinistra so far, and we wanted to present Istria and Croatia to the judging participants in the best possible way, through a superb experience and a tour of wineries and our biggest attractions. This would not be possible without our partners and winemakers, members of Vinistra, who really made an effort to show the judging participants the best we have, of course with a focus on malvasia and teran. Istria has once again confirmed itself as a representative wine region with exceptional wine quality and wonderful family wineries, the reactions of the participants of the 30th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles are great and that makes us extremely happy as the hosts", said the president of Vinistra, the association of winegrowers and winemakers of Istria, Luka Rossi, congratulating to the governor of Guanajuato, Mexico, Diego Sinhué Rodríguez at the 2024 host.

Istrian prefect Boris Miletić said that he believes that the participants of this evaluation enjoyed the rich program and tour of Istria.

"I hope that you have discovered this little piece of paradise, that you had a great time after the evaluation in the Žatika hall, and that you will go home full of experiences and beautiful memories, and that you will return to Istria and Croatia again." Today, when everyone is talking about the future and artificial intelligence, we can be sure that it will never beat humans when it comes to wine production. I am convinced that the Guanajuato region will be an excellent host and I wish them all the best in 2024, and I hereby once again thank the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles for choosing Istria as this year's host", said the Istrian prefect.

Out of 320 evaluators, 14 are from Croatia

One of the world's most esteemed evaluations gathered 320 evaluators in the Žatika hall in Poreč, and among them were 14 Croatian judges, in order of famous names from the world of wine: Ivan Jug, Marijan Bubola, Ivan Damjanić, Josip Barišić, Sandi Paris, Danijela Katarinčić, Toni Babić, Toni Batel, Filip Božić, Ana Marija Jagatić Korenika, Sanja Radeka, Saša Špiranec, Tomislav Tuđen and Josip Orešković. Together with their colleagues who came to Poreč from 50 countries, they evaluated as many as 7,504 wine samples in three days, and the results will be published on the official pages of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles on May 23 at 12 noon.

"For such a big event, 600 tables and more than 500 chairs arrived in Žatik, and 50 waiters from Plava Laguna and another 55 high school students from Osijek, Virovitica, Buje, Pula, Rovinj and Poreč worked on it for three days, and eno-gasto events were attended by participants of the Culinary Academy in Plava Laguna, while more than 600 participants of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles stayed in our hotels. This kind of wine event in Croatia and the wider region has not yet happened, it is safe to say that this is the League of Champions of the wine world", said Emil Perdec, food and beverage manager of Plava Laguna, gold sponsor, accommodation and logistics partner of Vinistra at this world wine event. an extremely important event for the promotion of Istrian wines and Istria in the world.

"Excellent organization, we are extremely satisfied, the atmosphere is great. I would like to congratulate Vinistra and its partners on a job well done. We are impressed by the beautiful Istrian wineries, your exceptional malvasia and terani, attractive landscapes and the beauty of Istria. I will certainly come privately to your beautiful wine region", said Baudouin Havaux, president of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

By bringing this evaluation, Vinistra once again confirmed that it is the leader of wine trends in Croatia, and this extremely demanding event in terms of organization was held only a few days after the extremely successful 29th Vinistra.