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The jubilant 30th Vinistra has been ceremoniously opened, symbolizing the unity and success of Istrian winemakers.

Today, at the opening of the most attractive wine exhibition in the region, where more than 85 winemakers are exhibiting, it was stated that Istria is now a well-known wine region, with Malvazija and Teran being top-notch wines. Vinistra is more than just an event; it represents the Istrian lifestyle. 

The jubilant 30th Vinistra, an exhibition of wine and winemaking equipment, was ceremoniously opened. The Žatika in Poreč has never looked more modern. At this birthday edition of the event, which runs until Sunday, May 12th, a new visual identity was presented, and the exhibition spaces were harmonized in warm colors of the new logo, which, in the shape of a cluster and with berries of different sizes, symbolizes unity. This sentiment was emphasized by Luka Rossi, the president of Vinistra, the association of Istrian grape growers and winemakers, in his speech.

"In the past 30 years, our association, in collaboration with partners, has truly achieved a lot for Istrian viticulture and winemaking. From a small unknown wine region, we have created a brand recognized worldwide. It hasn't been easy for Vinistra as an association or an event to survive all these years. Along our journey, we faced numerous challenges, some circumstances were not in our favor, and many things have changed in the regional and global wine scene since our beginnings. However, thanks to unity and clearly defined goals, we managed to overcome them. Vinistra is more than an association. Vinistra is more than an event. Vinistra is proof that together we can move mountains!", emphasized Rossi, thanking the association members - grape growers and winemakers, predecessors, former presidents of the Vinistra association - Ivica Matošević and Nikola Benvenuti, as well as everyone who helped start this beautiful Istrian wine story 30 years ago.

Winemakers and olive oil producers are the best ambassadors of Istria. The Prefect of Istria County, Boris Miletić, traditionally opened the jubilee Vinistra and on that occasion, he stated that Istria has made great progress in agriculture, viticulture, and winemaking, primarily thanks to grape growers and winemakers.

"If sports have been the biggest promoter of Croatia since independence, I will say that our grape growers and olive oil producers are the best ambassadors of Istria. Vinistra is more than just an event; it represents our Istrian lifestyle, what we live, what we love, what we nurture, and what we can and must be proud of. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles wine competition came to Žatika last year," concluded Miletić.

"Istrian farmers have been working hard in the vineyards even before this event to brand Istrian indigenous varieties, primarily Malvazija, later Teran, but also Momjan Muscat, which are now protected varieties at the European level. Croatia has more than 250 grape varieties in its small area, of which more than 150 are indigenous, and we should be proud of that. Take pride in the varieties, and the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to provide full support to Istrian farmers - grape growers and winemakers, and to this event through joint efforts," said Tugomir Majdak, the envoy of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and the State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, along with birthday wishes.

In Poreč, all hotel capacities are filled.

Member of the European Parliament, Valter Flego, joined in the congratulations, emphasizing how Vinistra has transformed from a local event into a serious European and global manifestation beloved by wine enthusiasts. Jelena Đugum, the Director of the Agriculture Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, stated that the way the Vinistra association branded its indigenous varieties, Malvazija and Teran, is an indication of the direction other winemaker and grape grower associations in other parts of Croatia should follow."Vinistra is the brand of Istria, the brand of Poreč," said its mayor, Loris Peršurić, adding that Vinistra means a lot to Poreč. During the event, which takes place in the pre-season, all hotel capacities are filled, and a rich program awaits visitors in the old town to celebrate this significant anniversary.Kristjan Staničić, the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, thanked the people of Istria, the Vinistra association, for all they do in promoting Croatian tourism."Vinistra is more than just an event; it contributes to highlighting the identity of Istria, but also of Croatia as a tourist destination. Vinistra is a beautiful addition to our tourist offer in the pre-season, and our goal is precisely to strengthen the pre and post-season through such events," Staničić concluded.