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Awards presented to the best winemakers of Vinistra's competition

Although the winners have already been known since mid-April, the award ceremony is an introduction to the largest regional wine event. Award-winning wines have their own stand this year

 “By presenting the award, we traditionally announce Vinistra, and its 28th edition. We winemakers are extremely happy with the fact that after two years we will be socializing again in Žatika at our traditional time. I believe that three great wine days lie ahead of us this weekend”, with these words the President of Vinistra Nikola Benvenuti opened the award ceremony for winemakers and producers of alcoholic beverages in the Plavi Hotel in the area of Plava Laguna in Poreč. Everyone who visits Vinistra from 6 to 8 May will be able to taste the award-winning wines from ten countries at the stand of the 13th the World of Malvasia.

Among them is Kozlović's Santa Lucia from 2018, which with the title of Best in Show became the best Malvasia in the world and at the same time the champion in the category of aged Malvasia. Although the results of Vinistra's judging have already been known since mid-April, let us remind you that along with Kozlović, the Dešković family from Kostanjica near Grožnjan won the title of the champion in the fresh Malvasia category this year. Winery Kozlović also has the best young Teran, while in the category of mature Terans, the most points won the one from 2018, from the Buzet winery Vina Agapito. Slovenian winery Vinakoper with Capo d'Istria wine from 2018 confirmed last year's title of champion in the category of the best mature Refoscos.

In addition to seven platinum awards for wines above 95 points, 152 gold and 36 silver medals were awarded to winemakers, and another 16 gold awards to producers of hard liquor and alcoholic beverages, while other participants of the competition received diplomas. This year, 25 winemakers for Malvasia from the 2021 vintage and seven winemakers for Teran from the 2019 vintage received the IQ label - Istrian quality label.

 “Malvasia is a synonym for Istria and one of the reasons for coming to our county. I often like to point out that we are too small for average things. With the commitment of our winemakers, work and synergy, we achieve better results year after year and we have wines of exceptional quality, and we can stand equally alongside the most famous wine regions”, said Boris Miletić, Prefect of Istria County, congratulating all the award-winning winemakers. Ezio Pinzan, the head of the Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management of the Istrian County, and the Mayor of Poreč Loris Peršurić joined in the congratulations, saying that this weekend this Istrian city will once again become the center of the world thanks to the 28th Vinistra.