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New records again at the 14th World of Malvasia, Vinistra fair in the first weekend of May

As many as 700 samples of wine and spirits and 317 Malvasias from seven countries arrived in Poreč for Vinistra's Wine & Spirits Awards. The champions of each category will be announced on the eve of the 29th Vinistra, which takes place in Žatika in Poreč from May 5th to 7th.

An ever larger number of samples at Vinistra's evaluation of wines and spirits and the 14th Malvasia World. As many as 700 of them arrived in Poreč, which is 30 percent more than last year. Records fell in all categories. A total of 90 evaluators - 20 more than last year - from 17 countries evaluate 317 Malvasias, 325 other wines and 58 strong and alcoholic beverages.

"A minimum of 90 points is required for the gold medal, and since last year we have two new categories - platinum for 95 points and more and Best in Show for the best-rated Malvasia, and producers from six other countries compete for this title alongside Croatian winemakers - Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Serbia", said Vinistra President Luka Rossi.

Fantastic terrains and exceptional malvasias

"For winemakers, 2022 was not an easy year, it was marked by great droughts. Despite the challenges, we have very nice wines, fantastic terrans and exceptional Malvasias. I am happy that winemakers, even in challenging years, make wines that delight wine lovers, have more and more confidence in autochthonous varieties and take care of the microclimate. I like to point out how the wine will connect you with the destination, tell you the story of the climate, the soil, the method of production... All you need to know about the microlocation is in the glass of wine," said Caroline Gilby, who has been at the head of Vinistra's evaluation committee for nine years. , notices a huge improvement in production, but also in the quality of Vinistra's evaluation.

Vinistra, the largest exhibition of wine and viticulture equipment, is traditionally announced at the judging held for years at the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel.

"As the prestigious world wine judging Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is held from May 10 to 15 in Žatika, Poreč, this year Vinistra is on the first weekend of May, from May 5 to 7 to be exact. "These two extremely important events for the regional and world wine scene confirm the status of Poreč and Istria as a well-known and respected wine region," said Rossi.

Vinistra the older the better

The mayor of Poreč, Loris Peršurić, agreed with the president of Vinistra, who said that Vinistra has been synonymous with Poreč for almost three decades of its existence.

"Vinistra is like wine, the more ripe the better, the older the better. I am extremely honored that we have been partners all these years because this event means a lot for our city. Already a week after Vinistra, Poreč will host more than 350 evaluators from all over the world, and this is a great opportunity for the economy of our city, and in terms of promotion and marketing, a great success for Poreč and the whole of Istria", said the mayor of Poreč.

The director of the tourist board of the city of Poreč, Nenad Velenik, announced a great Easter and pre-season, in which Vinistra also plays an important role, because during its duration all capacities in Poreč are filled.

More than 100 exhibitors

"I believe that events like this are a big step forward in connecting production and serious hospitality, but also putting Istria as a wine region on a seriously higher place on the wine map of Europe and the world. The cooperation between Plava Laguna and Vinistra has been going on for a long time and we believe that it will remain so in the coming years," said Emil Perdec, representative of Plava Laguna, which is a long-term partner of Vinistra.

More than a hundred exhibitors are expected to come to Vinistra, including more than 70 winemakers. He is especially happy that this year, along with the most famous names of the wine scene, he will present new generations of Istrian winemakers with excellent wines whose time is yet to come and which will surely be talked about," says Rossi.

See you on the 29th of Vinistra.