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En primeur: Six young Malvasias from five terroirs of Istria delighted wine connoisseurs

A typical greenish-yellow color and pronounced variety, but also nuances that make a difference - the wine workshop of young Malvasia's at the tenth En Primeur in Zagreb confirmed their exceptional potential

Malvasia from the south, west or east of Istria? And maybe the one from the north-northwest? There are officially five terroirs on the Istrian peninsula and each of them has its own specificities that are reflected in the wine, it was pointed out at the traditional wine workshop held as part of the tenth En Primeur of Young Malvasia, Žlahtina and autochthonous varieties of Bregovita Croatia in the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.

An already integrated team, famous sommelier Emil Perdec and Ph.D. Kristijan Damijanić from the Agricultural Department of Poreč, Polytechnic in Rijeka, analyzed the last wine-growing year and presented six excellent Malvasias from different parts of Istria.

Pronounced aromatics and accentuated varietal aromas

April, they say, was marked by cold, which affected a slightly smaller crop due to partial freezing of the buds in some vineyards. But already with the first days of May, a dry and warm period began with a sufficient number of sunny hours. The time as ordered lasted until October. Temperatures during the summer were moderate, without extremes, and the ripening of the grapes was favorable, with a moderate amount of moisture in the soil. All this resulted in grapes of exceptional quality. The harvest took place at the usual times in ideal dry weather.

"Young wines have a characteristic color for Malvasia, greenish-yellow dominates, in some parts of the peninsula with a more pronounced shade of yellow. Aromatics and accentuated varietal characteristics are expressed, with dominantly fine ripe fruit aromas of peach, apricot, apple, tropical fruit or floral-herbal aromas of mint and rosemary. They are pleasantly fresh, structured and full-bodied, balanced and harmonious", emphasized Emil Perdec.

Some young Malvasia already ready for the market

The masterclass started with Malvazija Matiška from Nedešćina from the east of Istria, with extremely herbal notes and pleasant freshness. Southern Istria was represented by the mature and elegant Malvazija Siljan from Šegotići, with strong fruity aromas of peach, some floral traces of mint and acacia, juicy taste, fruity aftertaste.

Western Istria presented itself with Frank Radovan's excellent Malvazija. Everyone agreed that it was a great wine with fruity aromas, greenish notes of mint and acacia. The wine is fine, mineral, mature, harmonious, elegant...

Malvazija Novacco comes from northwestern Istria, with exceptional potential, fruity, fresh, pleasant bitterness and rougher freshness, while the colors of northern Istria were defended by the rounded, rich and elegant Malvazija of the Franković family. Finally, the Malvazija of the Dario Sirotić winery from central Istria was presented, with a fruity aroma and taste and a pleasant freshness.

The tenth edition of En primeur traditionally brought about fifty winemakers from Istria, a few from Kvarner and about twenty from Bregovita Croatia to Zagreb. The presentation of young wines is not new in the wine world. This attractive wine gathering was introduced by the French, and ten years ago it was first brought to Croatia by the Istrians who, with another masterclass, announced the excellent wines of the 2021 harvest.