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Great surprises at the Vinistra Wine & Spirits Awards! The highest number of platinum medals to date, discover who the champions are

The best Malvasias are from Bastian and Deklić, who, along with Benvenuti, is the champion among Terans. The title of Best in Show went to the Greek Monemvasia Malvasia from 2011.

Bastian has the best fresh Malvasia, and Deklić's Malvasia from 2020 is the best aged Malvasia. Both wines scored 95 points, platinum medals, and for the first time the title of champion at the Vinistra Wine & Spirits Awards, while the Greek Monemvasia-Malvasia from 2011 is the best-rated Malvasia with the Best in Show title at the 15th edition of The World of Malvasia, held on April 10 and 11 in Poreč.

Deklić's wines are double champions, with 92 points they won this prestigious title also in the category of the best young Teran at the 30th Wine and Spirits Competition, while with one point more the title of champion among aged Terans was won by Benvenuti's Teran Livio Benvenuti from 2020.

With 95 points Refošk 2023, from the Slovenian Vinska kleti Kralj, is the champion in the young category, and with the earned 93 points Refošk 2015 from the Slovenian winery Bordon, in the category of aged Refošk.

As many as six Malvasias crossed the threshold of 95 points and deserved a platinum medal. Among them are Malvazija istarska Selection 2023, Vina Siljan, Malvazija istarska Kadum 2023, Vina Kadum, Malvazija Korona "Sur Lie" 2019, Vina Franković, Filomena 2022, from the Anđelini winery, La Vanda 2018, B-Istra, from the Slovenian organic winery Besednjak, and Na'jm Malvasia delle Lipari 2022, from the Italian winery Cantine Colosi.

Platinum medals were also won by two Istrian Muscats, with 97 points San Salvatore 2019, Benvenuti wines, and with 95 points Muškat žuti 2023, Vina Siljan.

In the category of spirits, the platinum medals were won by Šinjora barrique 2021 - Komovica, Destilerije Frane, and Aura Teranino 2024. and Aura Medenica 2024., from the Aura distillery. All three distillates received high 95 points.

"I am pleased to highlight that the number of platinum medals is higher than in previous years. We are especially happy that as many as three fresh Istrian Malvasias won platinum medals. This only confirms the originality of the indigenous variety of Malvasia Istriana, despite the challenging harvest in 2023," said Luka Rossi, president of the Vinistra association.

To sum up, in Poreč, at the international 15th The World of Malvasia and 30th Wine & Spirits Awards, a record number of 740 wine samples were received, of which 340 Malvasias from 11 countries and 75 samples of spirits.

The Vinistra association announced the publication of the remaining results by the end of the week on the website, and the medals will be awarded to the winemakers before the jubilee 30th Vinistra, held from May 10 to 12.