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Agreed collaboration between the Vinistra Association and the Faculty of Economics and Tourism in Pula

The Vinistra Association and the Faculty of Economics and Tourism in Pula have agreed to collaborate on joint thematic research and scientific projects. Students will have the opportunity to engage in projects and undertake professional internships. 

Investing in education is of utmost importance, and Vinistra, the association of Istrian grape growers and winemakers, is well aware of this. The association has initiated a collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Tourism in Pula.

Through the agreement signed by the dean, Dr. Ksenija Černe, and the president of Vinistra, Luka Rossi, comprehensive collaboration has been agreed upon for the next three years. Vinistra will facilitate internships for students and organize lectures by its experts at the Faculty.

Joint thematic research, scientific and professional projects will be implemented, along with seminars, workshops, conferences, and other programs. The collaboration also includes gatherings of scientists and experts from various specialties, as well as regular exchanges of business-relevant information.

"Istrian viticulture and grape growing have already reached a global level of quality, which would not have been possible without investment in education and science, as well as the application of scientific solutions in further development. Recruiting young professionals is essential for us, as is educating young winemakers and grape growers who will continue the work and tradition of their families," said Luka Rossi. 

Students will have the opportunity to actively engage in projects, and as an introduction to this collaboration, the director of Vinistra has already presented to students at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism, and a visit to the Matošević and In Sylvis wineries has been organized.

"For us, this is a significant matter. We do a lot, achieve results, but we don't brag about them. We have around a hundred contracts with economic entities, either through individual initiatives or through the Career Development Center. It is especially important that colleagues from Vinistra will have the opportunity to come to us, and our students will have the chance to hear lectures on topics that we will jointly agree upon, within the framework of courses. On the other hand, there is the possibility of visits and internships through joint projects with students. And this would not be the first time our students work on projects for the needs of the economy," said Dean Černe."