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29th Vinistra is open, more than 80 Istrian winemakers are exhibiting

Excellent atmosphere, a rich program, and a great interest of the audience, including numerous foreign tourists - Vinistra has become an indispensable wine spectacle.

The 29th edition of Vinistra was opened in Poreč, this time in a different edition. More than 80 Istrian winemakers promote their wines at unified stands because causes are being prepared for the world's most famous wine competition, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelless, which will gather more than 350 judges next week.

These two major wine events confirm Istria's status as an extremely attractive and highly respected wine region, and Vinistra, a highly professional association of Istrian grape growers and winemakers, has had the greatest contribution to that. An envoy of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković, congratulated them on their success, emphasizing that great effort and work are behind every goal.

"Vinistra is a major event that has outgrown first regional, then Croatian frameworks, and has become internationally recognized. None of this would have been possible without the vision and ambition to be the best, but also without investment, tremendous effort, and capital, both financial and the most valuable human. The Ministry of Agriculture supports the work of winemakers, so within the National Program for Support to the Wine Sector, the so-called Wine Envelopes, the wine sector is supported for various projects, mostly those related to wineries, with more than 20 million euros allocated," said the Minister of Agriculture.

The President of the Istrian County Boris Miletić joined the congratulations to the Vinistra association, thanking them for gathering Istrian winemakers for three decades and promoting Malvasia and Teran, which are synonyms for Istria for many.

"It took a lot of perseverance, work, and courage to become a well-known destination on the wine map of the world. We had to go that way, not so long ago our wines did not have top epithets, and today we stand alongside the best," said the Istrian County Prefect.

The Mayor of Poreč, Loris Peršurić, said that Vinistra is not only an exhibition of wines and winemaking equipment but also a brand of Poreč and Istria, and Jelena Đugum, Director of the Agriculture Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, said that the best confirmation of Vinistra's successful work is the upcoming Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, which is being held in Croatia for the first time.

Behind Vinistra, the association of grape growers and winemakers, is a very intense period, as confirmed by its president, Luka Rossi.

"In addition to two events from the new series Vintage by Vinistra, where we promoted aged Malvasias and Terans in Zagreb, then the traditional En Primeur, Vinistra performed independently for the first time at ProWein, the world's largest wine fair, and at the traditional Vinistra wine and strong alcoholic beverage tasting and the 14th World of Malvasia, all records were broken, from the largest number of samples to the largest number of judges. The flagship of this intense period is the opening of the 29th Vinistra, and already next week, one of the most important world competitions, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles," said Rossi, inviting all wine lovers to visit Poreč and Istria and enjoy top-notch wines and socializing with Istrian people.

At the most attractive wine event in the region that lasts until Sunday, May 7th, you can expect a rich program and exceptional wines, including this year's champions from Vinistra's wine evaluation held in April. A one-day ticket costs 25 euros, and there is also a deposit of ten euros for a returnable glass. With a ticket that can be purchased online this year, Vinistra offers a voucher worth five euros that can be used in the rich pop-up wine shop in Žatika.